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The staff here at Chorizo de San Manuel would like to welcome you to our website. You have the option to order any of our products online for your family and friends. Take a moment and check out our online store and new recipes. Thank you.Since 1975, Chorizo de San Manuel has maintained the highest control of uniformity in quality and flavor. The main ingredient of the chorizo is the pork meat. We use only top quality cuts of pork which are purchased in large quantities and deboned in our own plant.The next ingredients that make our chorizo unique are the spices. We prefer to purchase the whole spices such as black peppercorns, garlic, a combination of chilies and other ingredients which are ground on site by our staff.WE DO NOT USE ANY ARTIFICIAL COLOR, FLAVOR, PRESERVATIVES, OR ADDITIVES! This means you get the best tasting chorizo that is 100% NATURAL !!!

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